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Abram Chernov
Abram Chernov

Torchlight 2 Synergies Necromancer Build

Even with so many choices minions only make up a portion of the necromancer! You can build a very competent magic slinging Necro with Bone Needles, or Bone Spikes and Skull Barrage! If melee fighting is your thing the class can also be built around the Infectious Touch melee skill making your Necromancer a deadly bringer of death in its own right!

Torchlight 2 Synergies Necromancer Build


Of course there is more to the necromancer then even minions, castable damage spells, and pure utilities... ground effect AoE spells like Pestilence and Toxic Hex, Minion buffs like Enrage and Bolster the undead, and pure poison built buffs like Bubonic burst give so many build options you will find it hard to decide which is the play style that best fits your needs!

The Summonmancer build is quite effective thanks to the synergies added in Patch 1.10. Prior to this patch, maxed out skeletons were weak. The Summonmancer frequently relied on revive monster skill because the monster's life scaled with the amount of players in the map. If there were eight players, the summoned monster's life would be eight times greater.

The Summonmancer had certain complimentary skills. This build can generally get away with no energy, so points will go towards enough strength to use equipment, enough dexterity to use Homunculus for max block (roughly 193), with all remaining points spent on vitality. Even though the Iron Maiden curse might seem good for this build, it will not make his minions last long. In Hell mode Act V, the minions die from enemies, so skeleton mastery and items that give +skill are needed to keep them alive. Decrepify is a great curse for a summoning necromancer when fighting Act bosses because it decreases the boss' damage output by slowing them down and in some cases, allow their attacks to be interrupted. Using a good blocking shield with high dexterity is recommended - the percentage-based block chance scales naturally, unlike skills such as Bone Armor.


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