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Watch Metamorphosis (2019) Online Free with English Subtitles - A Family's Terrifying Battle with a Demon

Metamorphosis Movie 2019: A Terrifying Tale of Possession and Exorcism

If you are a fan of horror movies, especially those that involve demonic possession and exorcism, you might want to check out Metamorphosis Movie 2019. This is a South Korean supernatural horror film that will keep you on the edge of your seat with its creepy atmosphere, shocking twists, and disturbing imagery. In this article, we will tell you what Metamorphosis Movie 2019 is about, who are the cast and crew behind it, how it was received by critics and audiences, and most importantly, how to download it with English subtitles.

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What is Metamorphosis Movie 2019?


Metamorphosis Movie 2019 (original title: Byeonshin) is a film written and directed by Kim Hong-seon. It follows the story of a family that is haunted by an evil spirit that can change faces and impersonate anyone. The spirit targets the family of Joong-soo, an exorcist who failed to save a girl from a demonic possession. Joong-soo's brother, Gang-goo, moves to a new house with his wife and three children, hoping to start a new life. However, they soon realize that something is wrong with their new home and their relatives. As the spirit torments them with horrifying visions and actions, Joong-soo tries to help them by performing an exorcism. But will he be able to defeat the cunning and powerful enemy that knows their every weakness?

Cast and Crew

The film stars Bae Seong-woo as Joong-soo, Sung Dong-il as Gang-goo, Jang Young-nam as Myung-joo (Gang-goo's wife), Kim Hye-jun as Sun-woo (Gang-goo's eldest daughter), Cho Yi-hyun as Hyun-joo (Gang-goo's youngest daughter), and Kim Kang-hoon as Woo-jong (Gang-goo's son). The film also features Jeon Mi-do as the girl's mother, Kim Se-hee as the girl, Kwi-seon Kim as the father, Dae-han Ji as Jacob (a Filipino priest), Archi Adamos as another Filipino priest, Mary Joy L. Aparte as Jacob's mother, Yun-shik Baek as Balthazar (a mysterious man), Jef Flores as Balthazar's assistant, Ronnie Henares as another Filipino priest, and Stephanie Henares as a Filipino nun.

Reception and Awards

The film was released on August 21, 2019 in South Korea. It grossed US$12.9 million worldwide . It received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised its originality, suspense, and cinematography, while others criticized its length, clichés, and lack of character development. The film has a rating of 5.9/10 on IMDb , 40% on Rotten Tomatoes , and 6/10 on HanCinema . The film received two nominations from the Blue Dragon Film Awards (South Korea) for Best New Actress (Kim Hye-jun) and Best Technical Award (Visual Effects) .

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How to Download Metamorphosis Movie 2019 with English Subtitles?

Option 1: Stream Online

If you prefer to watch Metamorphosis Movie 2019 online without downloading it, you can use one of the following streaming platforms that offer the movie with English subtitles:


JustWatch is a website and app that allows you to search for and compare the availability of movies and TV shows across different streaming services. You can use it to find out where to watch Metamorphosis Movie 2019 with English subtitles online. According to JustWatch, the movie is available to stream on hoopla and Tubi in the US, and on Netflix in some other countries . You can also rent or buy the movie from Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, or Vudu .


hoopla is a digital media service that offers free access to movies, TV shows, music, audiobooks, ebooks, and comics. You can borrow up to 15 titles per month with your library card from participating libraries. You can stream the titles on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or TV. You can also download them for offline viewing. hoopla has Metamorphosis Movie 2019 with English subtitles in its catalog . You can watch it for free if your library supports hoopla.

Option 2: Download from Torrent Sites

If you want to download Metamorphosis Movie 2019 with English subtitles to your device, you can use one of the following torrent sites that offer the movie in high quality:

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library that preserves and provides access to millions of free books, movies, music, software, and more. It also hosts a collection of torrent files that you can download using a BitTorrent client. The Internet Archive has Metamorphosis Movie 2019 with English subtitles in its catalog . You can download it for free and legally from the site.


Avistaz is a private torrent tracker that specializes in Asian movies, TV shows, music, and anime. It has a large and active community of users who share and discuss Asian media. You need to register and maintain a good ratio to use the site. Avistaz has Metamorphosis Movie 2019 with English subtitles in its catalog . You can download it in various formats and resolutions from the site.


Metamorphosis Movie 2019 is a South Korean horror film that tells the story of a family that is haunted by a shape-shifting demon that can impersonate anyone. The film is written and directed by Kim Hong-seon and stars Bae Seong-woo, Sung Dong-il, Jang Young-nam, Kim Hye-jun, Cho Yi-hyun, and Kim Kang-hoon. The film was r