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Cordy 2 Full Version Apk |BEST|

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Cordy 2 Full Version Apk

Cordy first appears in the original Cordy game released on July 27th, 2011, where he must power up his home planet, Totem Land, by collecting Zap Drops that are scattered across all 26 levels in order to get to The Core, and as well as solving puzzles. Once he completes all 26 levels and gets to the center of the planet in The Core level, Totem Land is fully powered, and he travels to World 2.

He then makes his 2nd canonical appearance in Cordy Sky, which was released on March 28th, 2012, where he travels to World 2, only for him to crash-land on Planet 1.5 instead. On the planet, he meets another robot named Volt, in which the latter says he has been stranded on the planet for quite some time. Volt then instructs Cordy, telling him he has to collect 5 "Fuel Cells" in order to re-power the ship, so that they can go to Planet 2, which foreshadows the events of the next game. Once the former collects all 5 cells, the ship is fully powered, and he and the latter travel to Planet 2.

Cordy 2 Mod ApkUnlocked versionThe second part is a favorite of many arcade games robot Cordy. The second part of the game takes place immediately after the first part of the events and tells the story of how the main character Cordy and Walt's World 2 finally named the villain boogaloo. Top 10 best games and applications 1 USA, Canada, China, Germany, France, Spain, in 2011 Android Codry and it was climbed for the release versions of games that same year. The graphics are full, it is the height of gameplay the game. 48 levels in the full version. Control of the navigation arrows on the left side of the jump is performed using the buttons on the right

Parents need to know that Cordy 2, like its predecessor, is a side-scrolling platform game that offers a taste of the game for free, but then requires players to buy the game (via in-app purchase) after just four levels. That's smart from a business perspective, but kids may not realize they'll be forced to buy the full game when they download it. The app also has several other in-app purchase options for costumes and hats for players who like to personalize their game, and many are fairly expensive. Players on iOS devices can share high scores via the Game Center social network, but participation is optional.

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